Back to the source - journeying Tibet

This is an invitation to a rare and fantastic journey, into one of the most important and deep spirituel cultures, in the world– the ancient Tibetan culture.

The culture on the top of the world – is a culture that for many years have lived an isolated life – it is going deep into the very core of human and beyond human experiences.
It is also an invitation into spirituality – exploring the only spirituality there is – your own.

This journey will day by day lead you deeper and deeper into the unknown

By accepting this invitation you will be a part of a group that will be traveling together, on this 21 days journey.
Everything experienced in a human life, is experienced through one self and witnessed from the consciousness through awareness – that’s the individual journey.

In some of the places that we will visit and explore, meditation has been going on for over 1300 years. Here there are monasteries of significant presence.   
You will have the opportunity to meditate in some of the oldest meditation caves. 

You will find places in nature that is so rare and innocent that it will soften everything – also the deepest core of your heart.

As we move along we will nurture this proces with different approaches that is opening and which enriches the journey – like meditating, chanting, sharing, walking koras (prayerpaths).

By connecting with this environment and such a deep tradition for energy work, as the tibetan, you can benefit tremendously, by being in this group of spiritual travelers